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Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there lived a fox named Faye Reverie...

Faye was no ordinary fox - she possessed a unique superpower that allowed her to interact with both humans and animals. Her Vision and strongest belief was to live in a beautiful, magical place called the RED Forest, a place where all beings, both human and animal, lived in harmony. It is a place of great peace and prosperity.

With years Faye became a medium of interaction between two spheres: humans and animals. Anyone can meet her in the fairy subconscious stage of riverie. One day, a group of humans stumbled upon Their Own subconcious Sphere and were amazed by what they entered. They had never seen such a place before, and they were fascinated by the way that the animals and humans lived together in harmony. Faye, being the kind and curious fox that she was, decided to introduce herself to the humans. She explained to them that she was a medium between the two worlds, and that she had the power to communicate with both humans and animals. Anyone can Enter this fairy world through their own stage of riverie. All were fascinated by Faye's Supernatural power, and they asked her if she could help them understand each others better. Faye agreed, and she spent many hours translating the thoughts and feelings of another.

As time passed, the humans and animals grew to understand and appreciate one another more and more, thanks to Faye's efforts. grateful to be able to bring such joy and understanding to both worlds. The subconcious Sphere of Reverie remained a place of great harmony and prosperity, and Faye lived happily there for many years, using her unique superpower to bring joy and understanding to all who lived within its Borders of Kindness.

To be Continued...
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Faye through The abstract Sphere
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